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Svendborg, July 2015


Dear Guest

We, that is my husband ( my kennel-boy ) and I, are living just outside of the city named Svendborg, which is located at the southside of the island Funen.

 Svendborg is the second biggest town on Funen and the natural centre for both locals and visitors on South Funen and in the archipelago.Svendborg has preserved its old heart with its narrow crooked lanes, squares and attractive courtyards.
   Svendborg's history goes back to the early Middle Ages, known then as Swineburg. Medieval Svendborg was a thriving town with trading, crafts and shipping and surrounded by sheltering walls and moats. In the late Middle Ages Svendborg featured among the most important trading towns in Scandinavia.
   In the 19th century Svendborg grew to be one of  Denmark's most important seafaring towns. About 1850 more than half of all Danish wooden vessels were built in the many yards along the shores of Svendborg.
   Today's Svendborg is a unique mix of old and new,of atmosphere and the heartbeat of our time.

In 1986 we got our first Welsh Springer Spaniel from the kennel "Sweet Chester". Then my interest in breeding started. In 1993 we had to have our own kennel, and I called it Blazewood. Later on I also got interested in the rare Field Spaniel. Since 1986 most of my life has been dogs.

I am a member of the Danish Kennel Club and the Danish Spaniel Club. I have taken a breeder course at the Danish Kennel Club.


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Lena Sørensen
Elinevej 9
DK-5700 Svendborg

phone: +45 26188937


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